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$ 39,990* MRLP

An innovative take on the small SUV format, the progressive styling of the Citroen C4 might not look like the Citroens of years past, but there’s enough trademark eccentricity to make the cult French brand’s presence felt.

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2022 Citroen C4 review
Review | 17 Jan 2022


The Citroen C4 brings a fresh approach to the small SUV segment with just enough of the French brand's innovation to stand out from the crowd.
2022 Citroen C4 Shine v Haval Jolion Ultra comparison
Comparison | 15 Feb 2022


Two very different compact SUVs go head-to-head. One bursting with European flair, and the other highlighting Chinese innovation and value.
Citroen C4 Five-door
Review | 7 Oct 2016
A technological and design masterpiece. The only question mark hangs over long-term quality and durability.

Citroen C4 VTS Coupe
Review | 7 Oct 2016


Bruce Newton adds up the good parts of Citroen's C4.

Citroen C4 Price*

2022Citroen C4 Shine 1.2L SUV FWD$39,990

Citroen C4 Specs:

Variant (1 available)
Drive Type
Fuel Efficiency
6.1L / 100km
Towing braked
500 kg
Towing unbraked
500 kg

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Citroen C4 Dimensions

The Citroen C4 has 1 variant. The height is 1525mm, the width is 1800mm and length is 4355mm.

How safe is the Citroen C4?

ANCAP rating


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It hasn't been the strongest year for the French manufacturer, but with the brand potentially launching its first all-electric vehicle Down Under next year, 2022 could be a step forward.
2022 Citroen C4 receives four-star ANCAP safety rating
news | 26 Nov 2021
Citroen's new small hatch-turned-SUV has fallen short of full marks in crash testing, with ANCAP highlight a lack of a centre airbag and sub-par pedestrian protection for the four-star rating.
2022 Citroen C4 price and specs
news | 18 Nov 2021
The French car maker's new hatchback-turned-SUV is now on sale Down Under, priced from $37,990 before on-road costs.

2022 Citroen e-C4 electric car "under evaluation" for Australia
news | 18 Nov 2021
Citroen may be planning to launch its first electric vehicle in Australia in the next 12 months.
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2016 Citroen C4 Exclusive:: Week with Review
Culture | 24 Mar 2016
Does the 2016 Citroen C4 have the goods to challenge its top-selling small hatchback rivals? Mandy spends a week with one to find out…
2013 Citroen C4 Exclusive Turbo Review
Owner Review | 29 Jun 2015
So i have had a fair few car's including Audi,Mazda,BMW,Toyota,Subaru,Honda,Alfa and a few other's.I got sick of the car's i see on the road everyday and thought i want something different but not something outrageous. So i went shopping and found something i instantly fell in love with . This is My C4 Exclusive 1.6 Turbo . When i walked up to this car for the first time and opened the driver's door that was it i was sold on this car. The interior was something i would have never expected in a car at this price. From the Leather and fabric seats to the bright blue glow from the dash cluster it was just prestige with funk. It also got better the features list just went on from things that were different and useless to things that you can use everyday to make your life easy and safe. Quirky things like the dash cluster has a selection of colours you can choose from. The indicator sound can be changed with 4 selections. Massaging front seats These things are not that useful but fun to have and show off . Cruise control with speed limiter function , Automatic Headlight, Automatic Wipers , LED lighting throughout the car , Cool box ,Built in torch , Front and Rear sensors , Blind Spot Warning , Folding mirrors and i'm sure more that i have forgotten but the list is just amazing on a car at this price .$27,900 Drive away after some negotiating. The Stereo system is a let down quality wise but with Bluetooth , USB , AUX it's not the worst. The performance of this car is very decent i would not call it fast or a race car but its a hoot to drive . The EGS Gearbox is frustrating but i enjoy that . it's nothing like a regular automatic . If you know car's then me saying its similar to an Alfa Romeo Selespeed will give you more of an idea how the car drives. The 1.6 turbo is willing to go and will not need to be revved hard to pick up speed . I think this car is a car that would suit anyone's needs if your sick of driving a corolla or civic it's something different . You can't compare this car to the Japanese rivals with reliability or resale. Just on style and options you get with the same price as a mid spec rival . Fuel consumption is great getting around 900ks to a full tank on a trip it Sydney free way and around 600ks around town . 98 Premium unleaded is used. The handling is quiet good but not great in the wet under steer can be a bit annoying at times if you drive it a bit harder. Since i have brought the car i have only had a few small issues including ; water leak and oil leak. And the clutch needing to be replaced at 23000ks but that was all covered under warranty. I do enjoy this car alot if i was to buy another Citroen it would have to be manual and a DS series. Since i have brought this car i have updated the exhaust system. ( sounds amazing ) The Stereo system including speakers and amplifier Stock Head unit as you can not change this. And the Rims .
2014 Citroen C4 Seduction Review
Owner Review | 1 Apr 2015
I bought C4 2014 in Jun-14, and by the 10th month, the hydraulic pump for the steering wheel was formally declared defective and needed replacement. There is an estimate wait of 2 weeks before the spare part arrive from France to Australia. Meantime, it is NOT covered in the warranty that you get a service car - this is at the dealer's discretion. Good luck with wanting to make you understood by Citroen Australia for reimbursement transport charges. The steering wheel got blocked several times on the highway whilst driving, with error messages to stop and Citroen will tell you that NO the steering wheel was turning and it is a perfectly safe car, that there is no problem with the car. This is Citroen, their car and coming back to you that the car is perfectly safe when there is defect. Prior to the defect manifesting itself, it was smooth to drive. I have been quite happy with the smoothness and run of the car - to be truthful. The car is spacious and windows wide with minimal blind spot. Had a mazda 3 sedan prior, the economy for fuel usage is approximately the same So there is no added advantage here. The interior is spacious and pleasant, the coffee holder just near the gear - so is not practical coz you will spill your coffee. Liked the central locking for the car - a safety feature that is appreciated. All the same the customer support keeps changing on what they say to you. Support is disappointing and they did their best. :( that was my disappointment. Not really a value for money car, or what I can term good and satisfied.
2012 Citroen C4 Seduction E-HDi Review
Owner Review | 28 May 2014
The EGS gearbox takes some getting used to but rewards patience - it will not suit anyone expecting a normal torque convertor auto. It is smooth but will not be hurried. The result is a very efficient drivetrain. Driver involvement is heightened over a tarditional transmission equiped car - this is a positive for me. In two years there have been no issues and the car has performed perfectly, no rattles or squeaks - more than can be said for the Mk V Golf that preceeded it. Comfort is excellent, it is quiet, and super economical - low 6/100KM around town and down to 4.2/100KM in the country with air on. Has done long journeys with 4 people on board and toured without any issues - except for one warning which required a software download to fix. Excellent value for money - $28k drive away at the time with fixed price servicing - service every 6 months or 10K. Dealer support has been excellent - both sales and service which has and continues to make ownership a pleasure. The only concern has been limited dealer coverage but reliability of the vehicle being what it is, this has not been an issue to date. The car continues to delight with the way it drives although my wife is very wary of the car in urban conditions when driving as it does not creep along like her automatic equiped vehicle - can manage down slopes or flat roads like this but will protest when on a hill like any manual gearbox equiped car if enough throttle is not applied. It takes time to learn new habits.

2011 Citroen C4 Seduction E-HDi Review
Owner Review | 25 May 2014
I own a 2011 built C4 that was first registered in early 2012. This vehicle is a perfect city and weekend touring holiday car, its got lots of space in the back and for the passengers. The comfort quality is excellent and its got all the electronics that one needs, electric windows front and back excellent 6 speaker stereo, Bluetooth, USB. The EGS gearbox can be problematic for people that expect instant takeoff like a non electronic gearbox but with the EGS you have to learn how to drive it, its not a seat off your pants performance automatic and it takes its time to change into gears (but this depends on how hard you press down on the accelerator) but in saying all this you can put the gear selector into manual (M) and then you can use the paddle shifter as a 6 speed manual gearbox. This turns the vehicle into quite a quick sports car with plenty of acceleration and speed with its 1560cc inter cooled turbocharged diesel engine which has plenty of horsepower and torque, it gets surprisingly quick. I have done 45,000kms in my vehicle and have had no maintenance problems. this vehicle requires the usual 10,000km service with a change of oil filter, oil (use only synthetic oil of 5w-40, I use NULON oils). The most amazing thing with this vehicle is it's economy l/100, I get 1250kms and the tank isn't even empty (I never ran the tank empty as it's not good for diesels to do so and it's quite a chore to re-bleed the lines if you do so) its got all the ergonomics that one needs and the quality of build is excellent. I am very happy with my vehicle so far and this vehicle looks like it will last for a few more years to come.

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Where is the Citroen C4 made?

The Citroen C4 is built in Madrid, Spain.

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