Driver caught taping leaf to number plate to trick speed cameras

A driver in the UK thought using double-sided tape and autumn leaves to obscure a number plate was the perfect way to avoid speed camera fines. They were wrong.

A rogue driver in the UK who apparently thinks they're above the law has demonstrated some unbe-leaf-able – if flawed – resourcefulness.

A motorist has been booked for speeding – and for taping leaves to their vehicle's number plate to obscure it from speed cameras.

In a social media post on X (formerly known as Twitter), the Surrey RoadSafe account posted a report of a driver who had been pulled over by members of the Surrey Police Force for speeding on the A3, a major three-lane highway with a 70mph (110km/h) speed limit, near Guildford south of London.

While the speeding offence isn't unusual, it was the driver's attempt to disguise their car's number plate with a pair of strategically placed leaves that piqued the attention of police.

The A3 has a number of fixed and mobile speed camera placements, with the driver apparently hoping they could avoid a fine without a complete identification of their car.

According to the information shared on social media by police, the autumn leaves were attached with double-sided tape, and their placement designed to appear accidental.

The driver was issued with a penalty notice for the obscured number plate – which is also an offence in Australia – and a traffic fine for the speeding offence.

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