Lexus trademarks multiple names for future electric cars

Toyota's luxury brand Lexus has filed four new model names in Europe as it expands its electric line-up, including sports models.

Toyota's luxury brand Lexus has trademarked a number of new vehicle names as it continues to add electric models to its line-up.

According to the Lexus EV Forum, Lexus has filed trademarks that cover European countries and all begin in ‘LF’.

The LF naming denotes ‘Lexus Future’, which the brand has typically used for concept cars since 2003, when the LFX was first shown. 

Four names have been filed for trademarking: LFZC, LFZL, LFZV and LFZA.

Lexus announced in September it will field a 'concept line-up’ of electric vehicles at the 2023 Tokyo Mobility Show, to be unveiled on 25 October.

The Japanese car-maker is due to release the LFZ electric SUV in 2025, which suggests the ‘LFZ’ inclusion in the newly filed names will apply to electric cars. 

Lexus – and more broadly Toyota – is a leader in petrol-electric hybrid technology, introducing the Toyota Prius in 1997 (2001 in Australia), but has been critical of electric vehicle lobby groups and those advocating for an ‘electric vehicle only’ approach, saying different regions around the world need different solutions.

Both Toyota and Lexus plan a roll-out of electric cars in the coming years, including the next Lexus IS sedan which is rumoured to offer the option of electric power when it goes on sale in 2025 as a rival to the Tesla Model 3 sedan.

The latest trademark filings show the Lexus electric vehicle line-up won’t stop there.

Of the four new Lexus names, the LFZL and LFZV are new – there is no existing Lexus LFL or LFV.

The LFZC may well be an electric alternative to the LFC which was first shown in 2004 was a convertible luxury sports car. 

Additionally, LFA was the name of the Ferrari-rivalling sports car sold in Australia in 2011 and 2012. 

This indicates the LFZA may be an electric hypercar to rival new electric models from Ferrari and other exotic car makers. 

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