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Jeep’s recently refreshed small SUV is big for the segment and offers proper off-road capability in diesel-powered Trailhawk format. It can be otherwise had in petrol guise, with either front-wheel or all-wheel drive, rangin from entry-level to outright luxurious for the top-spe Compass Limited.

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Safety Technology
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Infotainment & Connectivity
Handling & Dynamics
Energy Efficiency
Driver Technology
Value for Money
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Fit for Purpose
2022 Jeep Compass Trailhawk review
Review | 4 Apr 2022


Jeep has built its reputation on a rugged go-anywhere image. But the Jeep Compass is a compact SUV, surely it can’t do the same… can it?
2022 Jeep Compass Review
Launch Review | 27 Aug 2021


A facelifted Jeep Compass scores a flash new interior and plenty of fresh tech. But one really needs to weigh up the dollars.
2020 Jeep Compass Night Eagle long-term review: Conclusion
Review | 4 Mar 2021


After a long test drive, does the Jeep Compass point us in the right direction?

2020 Jeep Compass long-term update: Infotainment and tech
Long Term Report | 11 Jan 2021
Base by name, but not by nature. The Compass Night Eagle has some solid inclusion of tech. Read our latest long-term update

Jeep Compass Price*

2023Jeep Compass Night Eagle 2.4L SUV FWD$41,400
2023Jeep Compass Limited 2.4L SUV 4WD$47,700
2023Jeep Compass S-Limited 2.4L SUV 4WD$54,300
2023Jeep Compass Trailhawk 2.0L Diesel SUV 4XD$59,100
Variant (1 available)
Drive Type
Fuel Efficiency
7.9L / 100km
Variant (1 available)
Variant (1 available)
Variant (1 available)

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Jeep Compass Dimensions

The Jeep Compass has 4 variants. The height ranges from 1629mm to 1657mm, the width is 1819mm and length is between 4394mm and 4398mm:


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Jeep Compass hybrids confirmed for Australia in 2024, petrol and diesel axed
news | 31 Aug 2023
Jeep Australia is due to add hybrid versions of the Compass small SUV to its local line-up in 2024 – at the cost of the petrol and turbo-diesel.
2017-2023 Jeep Compass recalled in Australia because the tow rating label is wrong
Recalls | 8 May 2023
A labelling error on the Jeep Compass could lead owners to tow more than the approved maximum weight, according to the recall notice.
2021 Jeep Compass price and specs
news | 6 Jul 2021
Australian pricing and specifications for the 2022 Jeep Compass have been confirmed, ahead of the first local showroom arrivals in mid-July 2021.

2021 Jeep Compass 4xe plug-in hybrid revealed, Australian arm 'monitoring market'
New Models | 23 Jul 2020
Plug-in hybrid tech promises to maintain key adventure seeking abilities, but with a softer environmental impact
Helping Australia’s rural communities with an Empty Esky
Culture | 3 Dec 2020
It seems like treating yourself to that extra coffee or splurging on some cake isn’t a good thing, right? But, that’s exactly what is needed to help support communities affected by bushfires, and now the pandemic.
Easter Surfing Safari with Jeep
Culture | 2 May 2018
Sponsored by: Jeep Australia.

2018 Jeep Compass Limited (4x4) review
Owner Review | 8 Apr 2019
I bought this car because I always wanted to own and drive a Jeep, and the diesel Compass ticked every box on paper. In driving and ownership for 9 months though it's been a bit of a mixed bag. Performance is what you would expect from a diesel, a bit slow to get up to speed but holds that speed at low rpms, making it very economical on the highway (consumption goes below 5l/100 km). City driving however gave disappointing economy of 8.3l/100km, which is way less than Jeep's claim of 5.7l/100km. I cant imagine what the real world economy of the petrol would have been considering manufacturer's claim of 9.7l/100km. I say the economy is pretty damn good in the diesel! If you are sitting at the front you will very much hear the rattly diesel when accelerating but cruising is quiet and relaxed. Nine speed transmission is smooth and quick shifting, have not encountered any hesitation from it during driving. Suspension is good and only a little bit of wind noise can be heard in the cabin. Steering is nice and light for easy handling and I don't feel much rolling around the corners. Unfortunately haven't taken this car off road yet but it does have 4x4 lock and modes for different terrains. The leather on the seats and armrests is nice and the dash is covered in soft touch materials. For some odd reason only the front doors have soft touch material in the top while rear doors have hard plastic. How much did Jeep save with that, five dollars off the price? Even when the front seats are in my driving position I have legroom in the back, headroom is not an issue for me in any seat. For reference I am 176 cm tall. Heated front seats are especially useful during Canberra winters and the air conditioner has no trouble cooling down the cabin during summer. There is a USB port in the front and back, and all buttons are ambient lit in the night. Again in strange cost cutting measures the rear doors handles are not illuminated but the front ones are. Really Jeep? For 45,000 dollars though I wish Jeep put in a powered tailgate and seat folding buttons in the boot, as you have to walk around to the front to fold them manually and the tailgate is pretty hard to pull down with one hand. LED lights in the interior instead of normal filaments would also have been befitting of the price. Rear window might be a bit small for some and rear pillars are pretty thick. Infotainment system is pretty good, maintains good connection with phone via Bluetooth and Android Auto. Easy to call contacts from the screen and voice calls are clear. Beats speakers are awesome and is definitely the highlight of this car, subwoofer delivers base that literally vibrates me! The biggest downside though is the reliability of this tech. The parking sensors just stopped working for no reason after a couple of months, which should not be happening in such a brand name car. Luckily nothing serious has broken down yet. Also at the price point I would at least expect blind spot monitoring to be standard but its only available in an option package. The 8.4 inch display is also standard in the Limited up, with lower two models getting a 5 inch display without Android and Apple phone mirroring, which is astounding considering the Koreans give it in their base models. The reverse camera is wide enough with steering guidelines but the resolution is awful. The placement of the touchscreen itself is a bit low, requiring you to look away from the road too much. Strangely the daytime running lights are filaments while the ENTIRE industry uses LEDs, just another astounding design choice. I am satisfied with this car since I really like the Jeep brand and the issues mentioned are minor for me but the unreliability and bad value of lower tier models might be a turn off for those who have no love for the Jeep badge.
2013 Jeep Compass North (4x2) review
Owner Review | 29 Jan 2019
Having owned my Jeep Compass North CVT 2013 MY14 from new in Cairns not many Jeeps there by the way not like here in Brisbane we drove the Jeep all the way here 2 drivers short stops and it never let us down the cruise control and the CVT helped a lot and the even though I have only travelled 32,343 I love my Jeep and I'm saving up for a Jeep Wrangler Limited.Jeeps are the 4WD experts so why would you buy anything else others try and copy Jeep lead the way over Land Rover and Toyota My Jeep is called Jeepster taken from Mark Bolan's group T-REX always playing that song with the windows down excites me even though I'm 67 yrs old you're never too old to drive a Jeep the best fun on four wheels anywhere.The only improvements would be is a place in the cargo area where you could plug a kettle so I can have fresh tea even though it's a Jeep sorry my American friends.I'm English don't forget I didn't buy a Land Rover.And remember don't hold back and buy a Jeep.I wish they would have put a plug in the rear cargo area for my kettle so I can make fresh tea sorry my American friends I'm English and we love our tea. major upset is there is no automatic GPS updates Jeep is not alone in this maybe newer SUV's in the future will do this.Also I'm not very happy with the Italian part ownership making Jeep more car like to appeal to car owners if you want a car buy a car not an SUV or 4WD after all Jeep don't make cars.With Jeep you don't have to compete when you are the leader leave that to the others copiers will always try and copy because they don't have the savvy in them only Capt.Jack Sparrow has that savvy.Maybe Jeep should use him in their adverts.A line just come to mind he could say don't hold back,SAVVY.I love talking about my Jeep and going places with the window down planning around Austraia this year.
2014 Jeep Compass North (4x2) Review
Owner Review | 30 Jul 2015
I had Patriot sport cvt 2012 I was only hit at 30klm's by an echo and it was a write off.3 years on still waiting for crash rating.5star for side hit front no rating yet was hit front passenger side angle.Echo was a complete write off mine looked ok.Repairer was shocked it was considered a write off.Love the old Jeep style not happy with Fiat being part of styling bring to make it Euro style.I will not get another Jeep unless go back to the old styling.The Compass North with the cvt is great others tend to differ.smooth driving I don't drive like Top Gear style just drive to get from A to B safely.Space is more than Patriot still good on fuel.Bonnet weighs a ton.paint is good grill is the best body look the rest is like any other SUV no style.Summary for me is not a lot of money so the Jeep is the go I never did like Japanese,Korean or Chinese.German cars out of my reach.English cars are finished.The Japanes saw to that.I find it smooth,quite,great radio tyre monitor,bluetooth,handsfree phone,heated seats and door proof good for tropics,auto mirrors,privacy glass,extending sun visors,full size tyre,fold flat seats,big water squarers 3 nossels each not 2,seats typical 4WD size Jeep Land Rover days of old.Only the grill stands out from the crowd the Patriot was the style people noticed the Compass is not as good when it comes to the stand out style the Patriot was a better looking SUV bit the Compass North as more features than the Patriot.Comromise for me. still miss the Patriot not interested in anything else out there.

2015 Jeep Compass Limited Review
Owner Review | 1 Jul 2015
I have recently purchased a Jeep Compass limited brand new and could not be happier about my purchase, I compared it to many other vehicles in the same class, and many could not come close to the value for money, looks and features that the Compass offered. Being my first venture into an American built car, I am quite impressed. The interior has ample space, easily allowing for up to 5 adults. The multimedia features are also impressive with Bluetooth connectivity,DVD playback, reversing camera and navigation. Additionally the Limited's Boston audio system does not disappoint any of your favorite tracks and offers strong natural bass with minimal distortion. The Limited's leather heated seats are of a premium feel keeping you nice and warm and the stitching around the seats adds to the compass's style. Being a regular night time traveler the adaptive review mirror is of a great advantage, reducing the glare from other cars. Other great features of the car include an automatic driver's seat, heated side and folding mirrors. The only fault that i could find with the interior is the lack of a soft touch dashboard, but even then that is of minimal concern. On the road the Compass is not the fastest of cars but the Limited's 2.4L engine offers ample acceleration and given that the compass is a small cross over SUV and not in the sports sedan category, the acceleration offered is more than enough for users in that market. The 6 Speed transmission is very smooth in shifting and helps to keep RPM's at around 2,000 at 100km/h. I have yet to get a true feel of the 4WD mode but given it's a Jeep it will be more than enough for light adventure. Fuel consumption is somewhat average and is around 10.0 L/100km when city driving. When at low speeds the cornering is good but too fast and it will give a tilt feeling. Overall I am impressed with the car and I will have a look at Jeep again when I want a new car.

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Where is the Jeep Compass made?

The Jeep Compass is built in Ranjangaon, India.

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